This Cod Earth

An alcoholic man is given some life-changing advice by a mysterious stranger, leading to a spiritually enlightening experience in an aquarium.

2012, 9 mins, Mini-DV, colour

Producer: Joseph Dethick

Director: Jim Dethick

Story: Jim Dethick, Eddy Hill

Camera: Jim Dethick

Editor: Joseph Dethick

Music: Jim Dethick, Joseph Dethick, Eddy Hill

Cast: David Robinson (The Man), Clare Bright (His Sweetheart), Joseph Dethick (The Fish Man), Roy (Lonely Dog), Jim Dethick (A Clown), Lorraine Hill (Marguerite), J.N. Dethick (The Parson), Eddy Hill (Transvestite / Drunk)

NOMINATED - Best Comedy, Portobello Film Festival 2013

NOMINATED - Best Short Film, Screen Stockport Independent Short Film                                        and Television Festival 2013