The newt-man of memory lane

A scheming old man has to face up to his dark and secretive past in order to uncover the truth about a legendary and dangerous figure known as the Newt-Man.

A short folk horror.

2019, 28 mins 27 secs, Super 8mm, 35mm still and slide, Full HD 1080p, Mini-DV, B&W and colour

Producer: Joseph Dethick

Director: Jim Dethick

Screenplay: Jim Dethick

Photography: Joseph Dethick, Jim Dethick

Editors: Joseph Dethick, Jim Dethick

Sound Design and Mix: Jim Dethick

Music: Vivid Bit Technology (Edda Hill, Lorraine Hill, Rich Phillips), Jim Dethick, Joseph Dethick

Production and Costume Design: Jim Dethick

Cast: David Robinson (Keith Hoon-Fox), Joseph Dethick (Bill Graville), Edda Hill (Prostitute), Lorraine Hill (Prostitute), Jim Dethick (Various Character Voices)

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Portobello Film Festival 2019

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