The Fruits of the Paradise ISLE

On the Paradise Isle, struggling radio and television personality, Bernard Moore, fails to awaken his heavily intoxicated special guest, the boxer George Bond, for a soon-to-be broadcast interview. Panicking backstage, he decides to use a made up story of a man whose house fell in the sea, with simple-minded delivery boy Paul Makepeace as the unfortunate subject. This interview starts a mesmerising and disturbing chain of interlinking events, as reality blurs with Bernard's invented fiction, and Paul goes on a journey of profound self-discovery that reveals all is not as it first appears.

2012, 109 mins, Mini-DV and Super 8mm, B&W and colour

Producer: Joseph Dethick

Director: Jim Dethick

Screenplay: Jim Dethick

Camera: Thomas Bettney, Jim Dethick, Joseph Dethick

Editor and Sound Design: Jim Dethick

Music: Jim Dethick, Joseph Dethick

Production Design: Joseph Dethick, Jim Dethick Thomas Bettney, John Wears


Cast: David Robinson (Eugene Squaremeal), Eddy Hill (George Bond), J.N. Dethick (Morton Drummey), Joseph Dethick (Bernard Moore), Jim Dethick (Paul Makepeace), Florence Dethick (Landlady), Joe Hill (Father Webster), Edith Hill (Mother Webster)

PREMIERE - Showroom Cinema, Sheffield 2012

SCREENED - Sheffield Hallam University, Void Cinema 2012

SCREENED - Peak Ales Brewery, Derbyshire 2015