The story of a nervous collapse and descent into madness. Lost in a nightmare of visions, voices and words, a con artist is forced to search for an elusive figure manhunted by a vicious criminal gang. "You know what life is? It's your last chance. A day never goes by again."

An eclectically-scored experimental documystery.

2018, 92 mins, Standard and Super 8mm, 35mm still and slide, Full HD 1080p, Mini-DV, B&W and colour

Producer: Joseph Dethick

Director: Jim Dethick

Screenplay: Jim Dethick

Camera: Joseph Dethick

Editors: Joseph Dethick, Jim Dethick

Sound Design and Mix: Jim Dethick

Music: Jim Dethick, Joseph Dethick, Max Hall, Vivid Bit Technology (Ed Hill, Lorraine Hill, Rich Phillips)

Chapter Titles and Artwork: Jim Dethick

Character Voices: Jim Dethick (All)

PREMIERE - Film Unit Cinema, Sheffield 2018