A manipulative stranger named Joan Bittenpear enlists the help of two wayward scoundrels in discovering the disturbing truth about her missing fiancé.


2017, 15 mins 54 secs, FHD 1080p, colour                                                                             Cast: Clare Bright (Joan Bittenpear), James Dethick (Dennis Clamwa),

Producer: Joseph Dethick                                                                                                       David Robinson (Keith Hoon-Fox), Rachel Gay (Maud Bell), Max Hall (Ethel

Director: James Dethick                                                                                                          Posman and Lester Delves), J. N. Dethick (Mr. Drummey), Richard Bright

Screenplay: James Dethick                                                                                                    (Vernon Fane), Matt Parkes (Dr. Kebabson), Peter Bright (Victor Cream),

DoP: Joseph Dethick                                                                                                               Steve Batty (Cucumber Joe), Dean Medley (Alec Pavements and Roy Linneman),

Sound Design and Mix: James Dethick, Joseph Dethick                                                     Chris Botham (Paul Tuthers), Jackie Mason (Hyacinth Catmatthew),

Editors: Joseph Dethick, James Dethick                                                                                Mark Wears (Stan Dandyliver), Lorraine Hill (Barbara Tambourine),

Sets Built and Dressed by: James Dethick, Joseph Dethick                                                Anthony Deffe (Mickey Speedboat), Eddy Hill (Marvin Synthrif), Rachel Hoskin

Music: James Dethick, Joseph Dethick                                                                                  (Pearl Mole), Joseph Dethick (Wicked Nick and The Man in a Woollen Newt

Production and Costume Design: James Dethick                                                                 Costume)

Original Murals and Artwork: James Dethick, David Robinson, Maureen F. Baker             

Assistant Editor and Workflow Technician: Jake Mycock                                                     PREMIERE/OFFICIAL SELECTION - Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2017

Sound Recordists: James Dethick, Thom Bettney, Max Hall                                                

Boom Operator: Thom Bettney                                                                                              Read Chris Olson's UK Film Review here:

Foley Artists and ADR: James Dethick, Joseph Dethick                                                      https://www.ukfilmreview.co.uk/single-post/2017/12/04/Flake-short-film

Dialogue Mastering: Max Hall

Titles and Poster Design: Jake Mycock, James Dethick, Joseph Dethick                         Read the review by Nouse here:

Camera Assistants: Jake Mycock, Thom Bettney                                                                http://www.nouse.co.uk/2017/11/14/aesthetica-2017-day-five/

Location and Set Assistants: Clare Bright, Rachel Hoskin, J. N. Dethick                           

Stills Photographers: Jake Mycock, Joseph Dethick, James Dethick

Make-Up: Joseph Dethick, Clare Bright, the Cast

Clare Bright's Hair Stylist: Niamh Kavanagh

Catering and Accommodation: Angela Dethick