In an uncannily nostalgic world, seemingly imagined by an unseen eccentric narrator, Al Crisps finds his life takes a strange turn when his usual routine is broken.

2014, 15 mins, FHD 1080p, colour

Producer: Joseph Dethick

Directors: Jim Dethick, Joseph Dethick

Screenplay: Jim Dethick

Narrator: Jim Dethick (credited as Ballcross Thirdray)

Camera: Joseph Dethick (credited as Jack Cook)

Sound Design: Jim Dethick (credited as Ray Cob), Max Hall

Editors: Jim Dethick, Joseph Dethick (both credited as Dean & Mary Palmer)

Music: Jim Dethick, Joseph Dethick (both credited as Earl Frost Snr.)

Production Design: Jim Dethick (credited as Maude Pineable)

Art Assistant: Joseph Dethick (credited as Ken Fox)

Camera and Location Assistants: Jake Mycock, Thom Bettney

Graphic Design: Isaac Teece

Stills Photographer: Karl Barton

Senior Film Executive: Paul Ashton

Development Executive: Jess Loveland

Talent Coordinator: Alice Ramsey

Production Manager: Jude Goldrei

Skills Coordinator: Jude Lister

Finance Officer: Cassy Priestman

Cast: Joseph Dethick (Johnny Jitters), Jim Dethick (Al Crisps), Lorraine Hill (Peg), David Robinson (Haddocking Crisps), J.N. Dethick (Wirrance), Max Hall (Davey Lee Scrivens), Clare Bright (Margaret Hat), Steve Batty (Keiron Webster), Rachel Hoskin (Ruby Whippet), Angela Dethick (Mrs. Bashpeas), Dean Medley (Didier Bonp), Matt Parkes (Barry Hurrah), Eddy Hill (Dr. Marvin Coddison), Jackie Mason (Cybil Wheels), Mark Wears (Don Seward), Ian Bright (Chad Fabulous), Millicent Hill (Mrs. Dinksbumps), Roy Oates (as Himself), Henry Clare (as Himself), Chris Botham (Pissed Syd Conkers), Fred Thelonious Baker (Sloshed Bob Conkers)

PREMIERE - Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival 2014 (as part of                                  Creative England's iShorts showcase)

SCREENED - Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2014 (as part of Creative England's                       iShorts showcase)

SCREENED - Tyneside Cinema Short Film Night, April 2015

SCREENED - Tyneside Cinema Audience Choice, April 2016


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